Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fun on the 4th

You have to love a nation that celebrates its independence every July 4th with, according to the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission the most dangerous manufactured and homemade explosives made .... fireworks!

I love fireworks and I have since I was a little girl, in fact my favorite firework was... the dazzling sparkler! I have very fond memories of my Dad getting out his blow torch so he could easily light and hand my sister and I a new sparkler before the ones we were holding had a chance to grow dim. We would run around our backyard lighting it up like some kind of glittering fairyland writing our names in the sky and creating cool designs with our magical wands.

I didn't get to play with any sparklers this year but I still had a great time celebrating our Nation's birth. Below are some sights and sounds from our fun-filled day.
Early morning hike to the Bell Canyon Reservoir and waterfall.

Starting out

If you look close you can see my neighborhood. It is the one in the gully right above Robyn's head. (what is Brandon doing?)

First stop Bell Canyon Reservoir
This is only a 30 minute hike from my front door...
I feel lucky to live so close to such stunning scenery!

Ok these next few pictures were not taken on the day of our hike but of Karli's hike with her friends on their first day of Summer Vacation. I thought I would add a few of her pictures since they help show off the beauty of Bell Canyon!

This is a perfect spot to hike up to and watch the sun go down since you can make it back down before it gets dark:)
Now back to our regularly scheduled hike....

Our beautiful State Flower the Sego Lily

Cooling off

Crossing the bridge

The smell of the pine trees, mountain foliage, and the crystal clear water rushing down the side of the trail was heavenly!

Final destination...awe inspiring to say the least!

After hiking for almost 2 hours in the heat the cool mist felt sooooo nice!

Click on the video to hear the gushing water as it blasted its way over the gigantic granite bolders....breathtaking! Ashley couldn't hear Pat and didn't know she was being recorded, she couldn't understand why it was taking him so long to take her picture:) ha ha ha

Snack time

We made it! (Well I barely did!)

Later that night we went to the Winnie's for a Barbeque and it was delicious!

Justin chatting with Grandpa Atwood

Karli and her big mouth!

Cute Couple

Mmmmm Sugar Cookies

Karli & Amy flying high!

Karli with her Grandma Atwood

After dinner the kids took off in all different directions to be with their friends, so we missed out on the annual firework show at the park. Pat was happy he didn't have to fight the crowds but I think next year I will go even if I have to go by myself....or maybe I will just buy myself some dazzling sparklers!


Karli said...

a great day with a bad ending.
i think we are the only ones who thought the hike was hard...
that was a fun fourth.

Justin said...

I love that hike, beautiful stuff!

Brooke said...

That hike is my looks like you guys had a great day!

Amazed said...

Can you believe I've never hiked to the falls? Well, of course you can believe it...I'm a slug.

And I can't believe you got a picture of a Sego Lily.....I'm impressed!