Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Get me to the Temple on time

Mesa Arizona Temple

September 15, 1944

With World War II in full swing and my Dad in Flight School preparing to become a pilot in the Air Force, my parents decided to get married. Mom was eighteen and Dad was twenty two. Times were scary and money was tight but they knew they wanted to be married before Dad left for the South Pacific. When the time came to set their wedding date they found out that the Mesa Temple was closed for repairs but would open for one day in September....the 15th.
Dad asked his flight instructor if he could have the day off so he could get married. His instructor told him that he was scheduled to take his final flight test that very morning and if he passed it he would not only give him the afternoon off but Saturday and Sunday as well. The test took longer than anticipated but he passed with flying colors and was quickly off to catch the bus back to Mesa. Dad's heart sank when he realized he had missed the one and only bus back into town, but true to John Rae fashion he wasn't about to get discouraged, so he stuck out his thumb and started walking with high hopes he would make it back in time.
Pretty soon an ambulance pulled up and the man inside said...."hop in." When Dad described his dilemma the driver flipped on the siren and away they sped all the way to my Grandparents house.
Knowing that my Dad was in the air taking his final test that morning, you can imagine the look on my mother, her parents and sibling's faces as they rushed out to the front porch. Lights flashing and siren's blaring they stood there horrified, then watched my Dad hop out of the ambulance, salute the driver, and with a big smile on his face.... turn and walk towards his beautiful young Bride:)

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad! Thanks for being the best parents anyone could ever hope for.
I love you!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Thirty years ago today....

September 21, 1978

Thirty years ago today Pat & I went out on our first date! He had only been home from his mission a couple of weeks and I had just turned 18 sixteen days earlier ....Wow! While it is hard for me to believe that it was really that long ago, some of the details of that night seem like it was only yesterday. Here are some things I remember....

Movie we went to: Heaven Can Wait
He was driving: His brother's stupid truck
I was wearing: Black dress with cream lace yoke
He was wearing: Black corduroy dress pants with matching vest, white shirt & tie
Why we were so dressed up: We went to a wedding reception of a close friend of Pat's before the movie. It was a pretty exciting Wedding reception, considering that back then all wedding receptions were pretty much created equal and a little on the boring side. Anyway.... the Bride & Groom jumped from an airplane and parachuted down to the golf course to the cheering crowd below.....Us!

Here are some things that I wrote in my journal that night.... Pat held my hand during the movie.... alright! The movie was great ! I loved it so much. He was so good looking, cute, nice etc... I hope he calls me again:) ha ha ha obviously he did!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

National Jake Davies Day!

Happy National Jake Davies Day!

Last year on September 14th some girls at Indian Hills made heart shape stickers, wrote National Jake Davies Day on them and passed them out during school. Jake had no idea this was even happening until he started noticing stickers on the shirts of lots of different kids, some that he knew and others that he didn't. When the word got back to his family (particarly his brother Justin) the teasing began. So when my Sister-in-law Becky called me yesterday and asked if I was planning anything special to celebrate the anniversary of this significant day, I told her I thought that it was a good idea and I would try to think of something. She was so excited that she could hardly contain herself, and I got the feeling that she has probably been anxiously awaiting this day since last September. I planned a barbaque in Jake's honor and when the doorbell rang the next evening as the party was starting this is what Jake found when he opened the door! ha ha ha....FUNNY!

National Jake Davies Day sponsored by the U of U
(Jake hates the U!)

Jake with his funny & awesome Aunt Becky 

I made buttons with Jakes picture on it and pinned 
them on the guests as they arrived

Part of Jakes fan club

Guest of Honor pulling the heisman pose while playing football with his cousin Mason

Happy National Jake Davies Day Jake! 
You are awesome.... you really do deserve your own day!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to me...

Happy Birthday to my "womb" mate

Waking up on the cute side of the crib

Birthday cake fun

Blowing the candles out in indentical order... ha ha ha

Partners in crime!...... for life:)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

DC ya later!

Justin left for Washington DC early Labor Day morning, and starts his four month internship in Senator Bennett's office today. It feels strange knowing that he is so far away and wont be able to meet us for a movie or come home for Sunday dinner. I know the time will fly by, but we are really going to miss his positive personality, his witty remarks, and of course his awesome singing! Good Luck Justin, I know you will do a fantastic job!

We made sure to party it up before Justin left and had three parties back to back a couple of weeks ago. Justin had about 50 of his college friends show up on Saturday night, Sunday we celebrated with the Davies Family and then partied with the Atwood's on Monday night! whew!!

Friends from UVU

I wanted to take a picture of everyone who came, but the night got away from me and I didn't accomplish my goal :( Sorry about that Justin, I guess we will just have to do it again!

Davies Family Party....

August Birthday Boys

Aunt Becky's present to Justin.... a portrait of herself for Justin's desk in Washington:) The funniest part.... it wasn't the most flattering picture of her! ha ha ha hilarious

Jared had fun picking vegetables from the garden 

Josh loved all the toads

Atwood Family Party

Brody and Chandler loading it up!

Hallie Babe
Saying hi to Lily

Cuties Caitlin & Ella

Jake & Austin chowing down

Marcie keeping everyone on the edge of their seats!:)

A surprise visit from Obama welcoming Justin to Washington!
ha ha ha Thanks Shaun!

Monday, September 1, 2008

"Labor" Day... John & Norma Style!

September 5th 1960
Mom gave Labor Day a whole new meaning 
when she gave birth to my twin sister and me!

Surprising everyone, especially herself and my Dad:)