Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Photo 101

After years of wanting to take a photography class to learn how to use my camera and take better pictures, I'm finally doing it! To be perfectly honest the first class was a little overwhelming and for the most part sounded like a foreign language. I mean we were throwing out words like aperture, Iso's f-stops and shutter speeds just to name a few.
Just when I thought my brain was not capable of absorbing any more information the class came to an end and a homework assignment was given. Our cute talented and very very young teacher, Nicole, asked us to take pictures using some techniques that she had taught us that night. These were pictures involving the rule of thirds, capturing motion, juxtaposition, panning, etc... all without using the good old trusty flash! That's right we were told to take our camera off the automatic setting and switch it to manual!
The pics below are a few of the many I had to take in order to get some photos that weren't too over or under exposed. Hooray for digital cameras! If I would have been using film, this assignment would have cost me a small fortune! ha ha ha
About the last picture...Karli asked me nicely not to get her in the panning shot, but Hurley wouldn't run without her. He kept looking behind him and would slow down so she could catch up. Sorry Karli but this picture wouldn't have been as good without you!
Rule of thirds

Rule of thirds
Negative space Framing
Capture motion
Capture motion


Brooke said...

So cool Lisa! Where are you taking this class...I want to sign up!

Tanner Winnie said...

Sweet! I didn't know you were doing that! That's awesome

paulnmea said...

Lisa, those pics turned out AWESOME!! Are you still feeling like everything is way over your head or are you starting to LOVE it? You have inspired me to take a photography class at SUU in the fall. So thank you!!! Keep updating with new pics you take. I love it.

Lisa said...

Thanks Brooke, Tanner and Meagan! I am understanding it a little better but still have a lot of questions. Unfortunately I missed this weeks class because I went out of town, but I am hoping I can make it up during the June session.

Amazed said...

I want to take this class as well! One picture looked suspiciously like "Dear Lizzy".....thanks for introducing us! It is my favorite! I love the water shooting out of the spicket. (I don't think I've ever written the word spicket before...is that how you spell it?"....how about faucet?) Let's go on a little photo shoot someday. I have a funky photo project I've always wanted to do.