Sunday, December 21, 2008

Visions of healthier days danced in our heads

Dear Santa,
Do you make house calls?

You know you are really sick when....

You haven't showered in over a week
You sleep all day and all night
You can't sit up
Your diet consists of a saltine and a couple apple slices
The only time you get up is to go to the bathroom
You don't watch any TV!

Karli has been taking antibiotics since Tuesday and is still sick! Shouldn't she be feeling better by now? We missed having her at Church with us today for our awesome Christmas Program. We missed having her sit up to the table and eat Sunday dinner with us. We miss her witty comments and fun personality. I am calling the doctor in the morning to see if we can get her better in time for Christmas....the Holidays just wont be the same without her sweet smile:)


Linda :) said...
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sophie said...

no kidding kars!
get better! that is an order!!

Justin said...

So sad :(

Those are all fantastic pictures though.

Get better soon Kars!

robyn said...

Dear Entire Davies Family,

Please get better soon. We miss coming up to your house to visit. and now that Justin is back and the whole fam is together again we really want to come see you guys... so please get better soon so we can come play. Especially you Karli, and to everyone else... DONT GET SICK! oh and Lisa thanks so much for those way cute booties! those are awesome!


Emily Call said...

Here's to hoping you get feeling better before Christmas!

Lisa said...

All of these pictures are embarrassing.

Karli said...

that last comment was from me.